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Old World ResetFebruary 1, 2014

The old worlds have all been deleted.

There were many memories made in those worlds, and I'm sure we'll all truly miss it. But, with every door closed, another one opens.

With that in mind, we (the Staff) cannot wait to bring all of you wonderful players some much needed renovations and upgrades to the server overall, as well as perfecting our PvP system for all of you to play.

All donations are current 20% off until the 8th, so feel free to support our server.
- PandemicCraft Staff

New World!January 20, 2014

Happy New Year!
We have released the new world, and there's a portal to it which can be found at /spawn.
The old world will be completely removed on February 1st, 2014, so be sure to move everything over before then!
- PandemicCraft Staff

Introducing PvP!July 7, 2013

Lately we have been working on an upcoming addition to the server, PandemicPvP! We have built three 100% custom arenas; Hunger Games; Tribal Wars; and the Colosseum. Each arena has its own unique set of rules and guidelines meant to provide for a memorable experience every time!

In order to keep PvP addictive and fun, an expendable point based system has been implemented. These points are referred to as Battle Points (BP), which can be spent on weapons and armor, as well as on a variety of different potions. BP can be obtained by winning arenas and killing other players; however they are also deducted upon death. This allows for a challenging, yet rewarding experience.

Lastly, we really wanted players to check their progress as they battle, as well as compare against friends, so we added a system to check that; called Stats. Stats can be checked by the simple click of a sign. You will be told your kills, deaths, wins, losses, and your K/D ratio.

We hope you are just as excited for PvP and cannot wait to release it!

Happy mining!

- PandemicCraft Staff